1.    KYO is the Japanese term for TODAY meaning the Bushido Code        should beupheld today and every other day. 2.    KAI is the standard Japanese word for style. 3.    This is the Japanese symbol for To and stands for the good spirit        inside all evil. 4.    This is the Japanese symbol for Day in the Kyokai badge showing        the bad spirit in all goodness. 5.    This is the YING & YANG... The symbol of Goodness and evil,        light and dark and is used world wide in most traditional karate        styles as a way of life. Ying being the dark or bad side. Yang        being the light or good side. 6.    This Karate figure symbolises the KYO KAI Student standing in        readiness to assist the good part of the Ying and Yang trapped in        the evil half of the Ying and Yang.        Remember that you must respect your style and be prepared                to support it whilst upholding the bushido Code                        at all times not just when training.              
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