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Why do children get bullied?
Any child can get bullied just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.Sometimes children who are popular, smarter or attractive can be victims of bullying and then also those who seem easy to hurt. Children can be picked on who look different or are different, came from a different culture or religion. Children who have a disability or are not good at sport. Children can also be targeted due to their size, age or strength and who lack social confidence.
Signs of being bullied
Children who are being bullied may not always tell adults. They may be afraid or ashamed. They may even think it is their fault. They may have been threatened with something worse if they tell. Some signs of being bullied may be:
Not wanting to go to school
Finding excuses for not going to school i.e. feeling sick and being sick
Wanting to go to school a different way i.e. changing the route, or being driven instead of catching the bus
Being very tense, tearful and unhappy before and/or after school
Talking about hating school or other children
Showing bruises or scratches
Damage to or loss of personal belongings
Showing problems with sleeping i.e. Not sleeping, Nightmares, Bedwetting
Not having any friends
Refusing to talk about what happens at school
Coming home with torn clothes
'losing' his tuck money
Being quiet and withdrawn
Not doing well with schoolwork
These signs may not necessarily mean your child is being bullied, but it is a strong indication that all is not well and that you need to check out what is worrying your child.
Tell a teacher Itís their JOB To KNOW!!! Tell  your Mother She wants to  KNOW!!! Tell  your FATHER He wants to  KNOW!!!
What to do when being Bullied

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