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1    Always bow to Master Ichinin and to senior ranking belts. The Dojo should be treated with respect. KYO KAI students should bow before      entering and leaving training hall. 3 No profanity (Bad Language) allowed. 4 Be quite during class “Golden Rule” 5         Students must wear complete uniform (winter) Full Gi (summer) Gi pants, Belt            and Kyokai “T” shirt 6 All students must remain in the dojo during class 7         Instructors must be addressed by their correct rank title or position. 8 When an instructor gives an order or command, move quickly without question. 9         Bow before and after working or sparring with a partner. 10 Questions should be saved for rest periods. 11 Respect fellow students. 12 No smoking, gum or food allowed in the dojo during class. 13 Dojo to be kept clean. 14 Respect the training you are receiving and do not abuse it. 15 The Bushido code will be upheld by all students 16 All students should treat all other Karateka Styles and Instructors with the same respect required in their own dojo. 17 “Ichinin” reserves the right to verbally warn spectators (Parents, friends or relatives) about what he interprets as unacceptable behaviour and remove them            from dojo should behaviour deemed unacceptable continue? 18       Students who fail to follow the dojo rules will not be instructed and will terminate            their privilege to train. 19       All Instructors must comply with all of ICHININ’s instructions. 20      Ichinin “ONLY” can add or remove dojo rule as he sees fit.
 Dojo Behaviour