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1 Belts: No KYO KAI student is to be graded without wearing a belt. 2      Belts: Must not be worn outside Dojo unless permission given. E.g. School Dress up, tournament, display, etc: Mascots and juniors may wear new belts home on day of receiving them Only outside the dojo 3      Uniforms:         Black Kyokai Gi’s to be worn by all KYOKAI students whilst  training. 4      GI’s:                 Tops to be worn unless permission from instructor obtained on day of training. 4. Jewellery:    Not to be worn. This is to protect others as well as the wearers from injury, e.g. earrings, watches, necklaces etc) 5. Badges:            Only Kyokai official chest patches i.e. Triangle (Soft Hand) leg badge and Photo Identification Cards. 6. Faults:            Should a KYO KAI student forget any part of their uniform they will not be permitted to line up in their correct rank position but will line up at the lowest position 7.     Shoes: During the winter season Mascots and juniors are permitted to wear suitable footware in those venues with wooden floors or Student suffering an injury or medical condition.
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