This is not in anyway to be used as a facebook alternative. Ichinin has designed this web site as an information site to assist both old and new student in obtaining knowledge. Primary Use of Forums. 1. If extreme weather requires a training dojo’s to close for the day. 2. If parents have any queries in relation to a childs or there own status regarding training. 3. Grading queries. 4.If something has been overlooked or not supplied as required etc.   Register = (1) your member number                              (2) Followed by your firstname              example: =   25ryann
These forums are for the sole use of kyokai Karate Student and students need to register themselves before using.
There is a chat feature on the Forums which enables students and instructors to text chat with each other and when online instructors and myself will appear with the appropriate status. Please allow 24 hours for a response to queries via the forums. If the matter needs to be resolved before that please do no hesitate to call me:
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