The KYO KAI Karate School  was founded on the 19th day of March 1995.KYO KAI students learn great discipline in this non-contact karate style.The techniques have been gathered from many styles and documentary resources in an attempt to remain a traditional Japanese type style. The emphasis on learning in this style is to uphold the long standing values of the ancient Samurai Warriors in the form of the"BUSHIDO CODE".
Our Beginning
ICHININ trained and graded to a Black Belt instructor after many years of dedicated training and service in the Karate Style LOONG FU PAI. He expresses deep appreciation to Master (KANCHO) Terry Lim, Di Sensei Sarina Cowle and Rob West and a special thank you to Sempai Bob Faulkner for his patience, training and friendship during the many hours of training in their style of martial arts. KYO KAI students are required to show discipline and respect to all persons whilst training in the martial arts. The emphasis taught to students during KYO KAI training is:- It is important that KYO KAI students would rather be hurt themselves  than hurt another student whilst training. KYO KAI Martial Arts training is to be treated as a disciplined hobby, not to inflict injury upon another unless in the prevention of serious injury to themselves or another person. KYO KAI students are expected only to do their best not what other people think is best for them. If you don't like something being done to yourself then think before you do it to someone or something else.
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