Senior Students Senior students are aged 18 years old and above. Senior students with kyokai are mature and keen to learn in a friendly social atmosphere whilst keeping fit and building the self confidence and ability to protect themselves and teach the values of the Bushido Code to others. Ultimately to become a Black Belt teacher  and be able to pass that  knowledge and those teaching skills to others. Senior gradings initially occurr every 10th lesson but as you progress the grading dates are decided by Ichinin who takes into account your  training committment, progress and abilities. Also you ability to teach others with respect. Only ICHININ Grades you Id Cards All students, with the exception of those awarded Assistant status, wear photo identification  enabling all instructors and parents to be able to identify them easily.
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Grading Requirements 1 Instructors decide when a student is ready to earn a KYU grading. 2 A student must train a minimum of hours before consideration will be given to        permit them to earn their next grading.  3 A student must know the grading requirements allocated to their current kyu         status as well as their next grading requirement. 4     If you don’t know it you will fail... 5    You will not be able to grade past 8th kyu without a uniform (Gi). 6  No grading will be held past 8th kyu without annual MEMBERSHIP        FEES being current.